MERN Stack


Full-stack web development framework consisting of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js, enabling the development of dynamic and scalable web applications.


Learn about MongoDB, a NoSQL document database, for storing and managing unstructured data, and understand concepts like collections, documents, queries, and aggregation pipelines.


Explore Express.js, a web application framework for Node.js, for building RESTful APIs and handling HTTP requests/responses, and understand concepts like routing, middleware, and error handling.


Understand React.js, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, for creating interactive and reusable UI components, and learn about component lifecycle, state management, and routing.


Gain proficiency in Node.js, a server-side JavaScript runtime, for building scalable and high-performance network applications, and understand concepts like event-driven architecture, asynchronous I/O, and package management.


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